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LTADV560: Interactive Display

Riotouch LTADV560 comes in three sizes: 65", 75", and 86". It runs Android 9.0. It’s an all-in-one design integrating functions of the whiteboard, PC, stereo, voice pickup, speaker, projector, etc. LTADV560 professional whiteboard software can be performed without delay in writing, zoom-in, zoom-out, moving and erasing, etc.

LTADV982: Interactive Display

About Riotouch LTADV982, there are three different sizes for selecting (65", 75” 86”), built-in the newest Android 11.0 OS, with a better interactive experience. LTADV982's powerful performance makes teaching and business conferences more efficient and helps you build a better user experience in every teleconference and online education in this new information era.

UT100: Interactive Display

The Riotouch UT100 interactive display has a super large screen of 100 inches with IR touch technology and a 178-degree view angle, UT100 can accommodate more content in a screen, and make contents more visible, it is especially suitable for large spaces of more than 50 squares such as large meeting room and classroom.

Smart Blackboard: Interactive teaching

Riotouch smart blackboard has a Fixable & Removable design to realize multimedia education, and support traditional handwriting, Interactive display in the middle with writing sub-plates on two sides, combine modern and traditional style, making more inspiring classroom experience for your education

Digital Signage: Signage World

Sinageworlds Digital Signage is available in 75", 100", and 55-inch options. These cutting-edge digital signage displays are designed to captivate and engage your audience with their advanced features and high-quality performance.
With a sturdy and stable hardware shell, our kiosks ensure reliable and long-lasting equipment for your advertising needs. The toughened glass protective screen provides added safety, as it is explosion-proof and offers excellent light transmittance for crystal-clear visuals.
For enhanced convenience, we offer an optional moving wheel feature that allows easy movement and flexibility in positioning the kiosk. This ensures effortless installation and repositioning whenever required.


OPS: Extra host computer

With extra OPS, you can enjoy dual systems such as Windows and Android, give your interactive displays more compatibility, and run more software without limitation. Easy to install with the plug-in installation type!

Meeting pod

All-in-one design, integrating HD camera, microphone, Bluetooth loudspeaker, DSP, and audio processing chip. Broad angle vision of 120 degrees, can accommodate almost all people in the meeting room, high-quality speakers and microphones help you to build a better online conference and online classroom!

Who are we?

iSoko Ventures Limited is a trusted distributor of Riotouch, a renowned manufacturer of interactive panels, smart boards, interactive whiteboards, and advertisement panels. As a distribution partner, we bring cutting-edge technology solutions to customers, ensuring seamless access to Riotouch's exceptional range of products. 

We provide convenient access to these innovative solutions, enabling businesses, educational institutions, and organizations to leverage interactive technology for enhanced engagement and productivity.